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Where do I start…Hmmm…   I think with the what I am MOST excited about.

All the Pieces are here!….

For months I have been planning a session based solely on things I LOVE!  I am obsessed with the 50’s ever since I can remember being  little but even more so after having watched the “Notebook”.  It’s the only movie I could watch over and over and over again and NEVER get sick of.  I will also bawl my eyes out by the gallons with out fail every time.  I love antique stores, frilly antique dresses, white gloves, vintage hair pieces, carnivals, vintage bikes, big hair, bow ties, cotton candy, weddings, playing and dancing…..and wallah…this will be the session of my LOVES…just a project for me to play and have an absolute smashing time.   I have found the PERFECT models…  I have shopped till I dropped… every vintage store in Tacoma for the last couple of months….even calling stores in Seattle…searching for the perfect dresses…  I got lucky and purchased the first 50’s bridal gown I saw in the window at Vanity Boutique off of 6th ave.  in Tacoma…. literally 10 minutes after I had it put behind the counter a girl walked in the door inquiring about the dress she wanted to buy that was in the window..PHEW…I was so glad I didn’t stop for coffee! haha! The second dress took literally two months…I actually purchased it on Etsy…  I wanted something with lace rows and blue or purple..so I ended up with the perfect combo!  I have purchases all the accessories clutch, earrings, gloves and bow tie all locally here in out Sumner antique shops….!  It’s FINALLY all here!  I am teaming up with Micheal Becker (who is fabulous Hair Artist in Seattle) to help style my bride and make her all glamored  up!  He does have a part in me wanting to do this…ever since I watched his style shoot a year ago… and LOVED it!  You can view it here Here is a sneak peak at some of the inspirational items…the shoot will take place on pier 57 in Seattle as well as Pike Place…now just keep your fingers crossed for some good weather…!  I can’t WAIT!!!!  Going. a. little. crazy. getting. excited!


More exciting things to look for this week! ….  Fliers to be posted for two mini events coming up in June…

  • Rocker Mini’s for the kids.  Location Tacoma Graffiti Garage. June 5th
  • Boudoir Mini’s . Location Seattle. Sunday June 12th

I hope you like the new blog!  I am LOVING it!  Have a fabulous Weekend! xoxo Rachel


HollieMay 14, 2011 - 5:46 pm

So cool Rachel! I LOVE that purple dress! Gorgeous!

adminMay 15, 2011 - 1:52 am

Thanks Hollie! I just bought another today…i LOVE vintage dresses! They are sooo pretty!

NataliaMay 15, 2011 - 6:35 am

Hi I would like to sign up for the kids rocker mini’s and the boudior mini sessions. Can I sign up now or wait for the fliers?

Amy WJuly 26, 2011 - 2:18 am

Hi Rachel, this looks like so much fun…I can’t wait to see the results! I too am obsessed with vintage clothes/dresses/everything! Although, I have no actual use for them, I still stash them away, so I say BRAVO to you!

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