The Pozzi Clan { Straight.Out.Of.A.Fairytale} Des Moines Area Photographer

We finally did it.  WE finally did it!!!!!

You have no idea how great it will feel when I hand this cd to my best friend Haley.

Let me just tell you…since i have started in photography we have been trying to make a “normal ” session happen.

Every time we tried something happened… started snowing while taking pictures, drove to Kent one morning in the perfect sunshine to only have it HAIL when i got Sophie outside to start….to her driving down her only to have dusk fall because traffic was bad…. to another trip down here in perfect sunshine to have it start raining the minute we stepped outside of the car….then coming over to her house when i first purchased my studio lights..thinking we would take pictures of all the kids on a rainy day only for me to take ALL day to set them up and their LITERALLY was missing directions in the box…lol…then she comes to one of my mini’s and it ends up being zero degrees outside and Adeline is sick….seriously we just had to laugh or really  Then finally we set one up again (being that i had no openings this summer the plan was for her parents to help out and watch my boys while i do the shoot, LOVE them)…weeknight…i go over there during the day to help get everything ready ..plan outfits…we get everything packed….I go back home then meet her at her parents house at 6pm at Redondo beach….and seriously…there are a TON of fisherman in the water?  So we decide to try Seahurst park…we get there..same thing…TONs of fisherman…apparently there are a type of fish that only come in every two years and that is why there was fishing galore…you have got to be kidding right!?  So we hurry..mind you lighting is fading quick…we drive to saltwater state park.  We get there..park..and all the sudden a park ranger blocks us in and starts yelling at us for not paying, needing a permit ect….unbelievable!  Then he says…you have 15 min and then the park closes…so we rush out get everything set up and take 5 minutes worth of pictures….Poor Haley (MOM) this point I could have cried too!  So we reschedule  for the following week and FINALLY…we had a blast…the session was everything but magical.  The lighting was dreamy..the kids jumped and ran and played.   So we finally got our “normal” session done!   I love this family like my own… and would do anything for them.   What a blessing these 3 little munchkins are.  I know when Haley and I are 80 and playing bingo we will still be laughing about this….. because here comes the big finally…I finished her gallery last night and her computer broke yesterday!!!!!!!!  She had to go view them at  Ralph’s (dad) work!  ARE YOU KIDDING!!  I am burning this CD twice i tell ya!!!!!

I just want to say to Haley… you have been there or my through this LONG (I say long because I have been eating, sleeping , breathing photography now for 1.5 years) journey of Photography…  She has listened so patiently when I talk her ear off at 2am about being so tired…or finding different editing tools….or talking about what I learned…even though she probably has no clue what I am saying…she just listens.    She has stuck by me even though we haven’t gotten to see each other as often as the past because I work full time now…but are friendship has and always will remained strong.   She is such a giving, caring ,loving person and someone i will call my best friend for life.   For all that she has done for me…this is the least i could do to pay her back.   I Love you Pozzi Family!!!!!!!!!!!

Best friends are angels,
That God sent along.
They always stay beside you,
Whenever things go wrong.

I’m glad that god blessed me,
With a good friend such as you.




Heidi NykazaSeptember 13, 2011 - 5:03 pm

Rachel, WOW! I love these pics! They made me cry. I am so glad that you and Haley finally got to do this. I know how hard it was for you guys to get this done. I love the blog, and the sotry behind the pics. You are a great photographer! It seems everything you do, you are good at. Thanks for being such a great friend to Haley.

Haley PozziSeptember 14, 2011 - 5:53 am

Love you

Haley PozziSeptember 14, 2011 - 6:21 am

Oh Rach, what can I say to that! You are truly amazing! You captured a moment in my life that I want to hold onto forever…. My babies! They are growing up so fast! To compare Adelines first photoshoot for her 1st birthday photos to now… Is crazy to think that was 2 years ago! You are so wonderful to me! God put us together for a reason! You inspire and encourage me everyday! Your drive is beyond selfless! Everyday you go above and beyond to make other people happy! The way you take so much time out of your life, just to see the joy that comes from what you can do with music and photos must an amazing feeling! I can only hope you know how blessed and happy I feel I am to have you as my best friend! I can always count on you for anything! You have been right by my side, holding me up when I am down and literally running right beside me though the good times! I can’t wait to share my bingo winnings with you! And go late night shopping every Christmas! You mean the world to me and my family! We love you, Rumph family

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