Snow Princess {Dancing.Snow.Ice.Diamonds.Vintage.Lace.Crown} Dupont Area Photographer

Some say I am crazy {mostly my husband.ha} because I took a chance to do this shoot in the snow….the start of a big ice storm.

I HAD to do this photoshoot.  I love snow..I love how it reflects light and looks so peaceful and pure.  I love my vintage dresses and have been dying to do my own projects going on a year now.   I finally have the time to focus on my own projects to help me focus as an artist and grow.

This photoshoot was not EXACTLY what I had in mind driving out to Dupont in heavy snow…at 2pm in the afternoon….but it TURNED out BETTER than I had EVER hoped for.

The plan was for me to pick her up in the morning and drive her to my planned locations in Bonney Lake..however when we woke up a HUGE amount of snow had hit us…especially where she lives!   However we waited hour by hour for it to warm up….traffic to die down…and finally at 2pm..I decided to head out.

I could have easily turned the car around and said forget about it…realizing it’s getting late and dark….realizing I forgot my reflector as I was halfway there…realizing I had no idea where we were going to shoot this when I got there…realizing she may not fit into this dress being that it was custom made and I had NO idea what size it was…not to mention when I arrived in Dupont (45 minutes away from home)  Our ice storm had begun…lol..but I took a chance and completed my first project solely for myself!!!!!

I have to Thank Keshia for being such a beautiful subject and being willing to do this project for me…..She is wonderful.

Despite being so cold….and having ice rain coming down…she was truly a SNOW PRINCESS!

Thank you Keshia I couldn’t have done it with out you!!!


KelseyJanuary 25, 2012 - 4:25 pm

These are to die for Rachel! This is the same beautiful girl who I loved in some of your pics before..No wonder you chose her..SHES PERFECT for this!!! You are sooo talented its unbelievable!!! AMAZING PICS!! WOW!!!

Christeen AbsherJanuary 25, 2012 - 5:23 pm

Rachael these are so incredible !!! They belong in a magazine of very talented artist as you are yourself ! AMAZING! You work so hard and have such an amazing talent!! They are simply so beautiful from your model( gorgeous!) to all her details! I love the dress!! It’s so gorgeous as well! The bike is to die for adorable! I love how crisp white the snow is ! Lost for words on how incredible these are!! So proud of you! So glad you had this opportunity to do this project!! Hugs and loves!

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